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Nives Portofino and the "Art of Embroidery"


Nives Portofino has been designing and creating the best household linen in Italy for 60 years. 

From the historic store in Portofino, the company has served and serves customers all over the world. 

The story of Nives Portofino tells an all-Italian story made of love for art, craftsmanship, tradition and family.

Everything was born in Tuscany, near Arezzo in Cavriglia, where Nives Baldini, founder of the company, came into the world on July 20, 1930. During the Second World War, Nives found refuge in Ponte Buggianese, near Montecatini, in that territory between the provinces of Pistoia and Lucca where the best Tuscan craftsmanship lives and thrives. Here he meets Piacentino Cecchi who will be his partner in life and work. 

After the war, the young Nives went - as they used to say at the time - to learn the wit of the trade and started working with a well-known Florentine designer. 

It was in 1960 that Nives and Piacentino decided to found their own business, crowning the dream of opening their workshop. So begins, with a small capital and a lot of passion, the story of Baldini e Cecchi company that created the brand Nives Portofino, a symbol for all fans of the best Italian quality embroidered linen.

Today the daughters Barbara and Raffaella continue what Nives started and have brought their products to international markets both with their new creations and by creating tailor-made projects in collaboration with prestigious designers.  

Today as then, at the basis of everything is the passion for the thing done to perfection, the very high quality standards, the search for the best materials and the ability to see and create beauty.